I absolutely LOVE to cook. As I said previously, I just started working at Williams Sonoma & it has inspired me in so many ways to eat more nutritiously & to cook more elaborately. I’m not here to push the products of the store or to give you recipes where you need a million ingredients that you can’t find anywhere. I just want to share some of the most delicious recipes that I’ve come up with or special family recipes that I’ve put my own twist on.

Baking & cooking are some of my favorite things to do. I know so many people absolutely dread their day to cook, but I just absolutely love it! I love being able to make different combinations of my favorite things & to find new things I love! When I’m meal prepping, I usually make a complex carb, a protein, & some kind of veggie. I recently received my first order from Flavor God seasonings & I’ve got to say, they really are amazing. There are seasonings for everything & they taste so good. Other than that, I grow a lot of my own herbs, so adding fresh thyme, basil, and oregano to everything really makes every dish a little more special.

I love easy but when it’s easy & delicious, what could be better?