I’ve always loved to travel, starting family vacations to tropical oases as early as 13 years old. With family scattered all over, frequent trips near & far were always a big part of my childhood. I was lucky enough to participate in a month long study abroad program as a student at Ball State University in 2011 & since then, I can’t get enough of the cultures and adventures all around the world.

With Ball State, a group of 20 students went to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia. The entire month was a whirlwind but we truly experienced everything we possibly could have and it was incredible! I haven’t been back overseas since then, but there really is not a day that passes that I’m not planning my next trip abroad. We only spent about three days in Singapore, four in Australia, and the rest of the time between Thailand and Malaysia. I’ll share more about my study abroad excursion in a later post because, let’s be honest, I could talk about that trip for the rest of my life!